Friday, 6 July 2012

Theophilus London- Rose Island Vol. 1 (Mixtape Feature)

If you are looking for that alternate hiphop, look no further. It's as hipster as it gets around Theophilus on this fresh-to-death full-length mixtape. That 80's melodic vibe is still prominent, mixed with a dab of dirty dubstep, some raunchy RnB, trill hop, pretty much everything... think of it as... snazzy.

It's the safest hiphop mixtape you'll find to show a hiphop-hesitant friend- they're gonna like at least one song out of the 18 bangers. Genre-bending music left, right, and centre.

Due to the sounds being so eclectic, there isn't alot of direction upon first listening. I seemed to just zone out for alot of it, especially the beginning, only to be rewoken by that chopped-up Peggy Lee sample in 'Big Spender'. The home stretch is outstanding- each song is crazy, weird, different, full of substance.

Mixtapes are great as they encourage creativity, things that may not be album-worthy in the opinion of record labels still get to see the light of day. However these days free music expectations are growing; anything an artist brings out needs to be on point. Theo succeeds this time round simply by confidently exhibiting his art with a general disregard of current hiphop music trends.


Dancing (feat. Marvin Gaye) Reminiscent of 'All Around The World' on his last album

Big Spender (feat. A$AP Rocky) Doesn't need any introductions.

Love Is More Red (feat. SADE) Ridiculous. I wanted to mix an artist over this a few months ago and he does it himself!!

I Wanna Kiss You (feat. Lunice) Minimalistic trap music sound

Tour de Roses Anthem (feat. Bryan Holder)

Dance Hall Days (TL Cover) STANDOUT

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