Wednesday, 27 June 2012

MMG (Maybach Music Group)- Self Made Vol. 2 (Album Feature)

Self Made II is a step-up from Self Made I, but I can't seem to think of the album as anything more than being force-fed French Montana/Stalley/Gunplay/Omarion material through features with the power 3- Rick Ross, Wale and Meek Mill. Yes, it worked for Meek Mill in the last Self Made... so just call it good business from Rosay.

First up, French Montana is a lacklustre rapper. He most definately cannot hold his own in a song by himself. Secondly, Meek Mill and Rick Ross have full-length LP's coming out in the next 2/3 months. So with that in mind, the only rappers on the album that are contributing their best material are Wale, Gunplay and Stalley.

Rick Ross honestly doesn't lift a finger throughout the album, it's just that easy for him. And it is evident that this isn't MMG's best material. But, it still works. Wale is the standout, Omarion has his moments aswell.

Production varies, Lee Major, Cardiak, Beat Billionare are featured, but lets be honest- bring on God Forgives, I Don't. Ricky Ross is keeping the goods to himself... off-cuts to MMG. Self Made II will be forgotten in a week or so, there's no purpose/substance to the album.

Gunplay, Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill, Rick Ross & Kendrick Lamar- Power Circle (prod. by Lee Major of Inkredibles)

Stalley & Wale - FluorescentInk (feat. Rick Ross) (prod. by Cardiak) STANDOUT

Stalley & Wale- The Zenith (feat. Rick Ross) (prod. by Harry Fraud) 

Omarion- M.I.A (feat. Wale) (prod. by The Beat Bully) RnB banger.

Wale & Omarion- This Thing Of Ours (Feat. Rick Ross & Nas) (prod. by Don Cannon)


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