Saturday, 31 March 2012

little bit of everything for your weekend....

A collection of stuff (Trill Hop, ChillWave, ChillHop and other unheard/ridiculous-sounding genres) to please those ears for whatever your doing on your sunny Saturday.

Morcheeba - Charango

you'll be hearing more of this 90/00's cocktail music clan in the near future (...DYNU MIX))

Johnny Polygon- Fuckin Awesome

All props go to my man Shannon for this find... upcoming artist Johnny Polygon has a completely unique style, previous mixtapes "Wolf In Cheap Clothing" and "Rebel Without Applause" have this Kid-Cudi-like, carefree approach- from the beats to the lyrics. On the verge of being quite pop, but keeps himself secured in underground mode with his carefully thought out rhymes. He has an EP on its way. More on the man soon!

Chase N. Cashe - What's Your Name

The Surf Club solo artist just finished up Club Paradice Tour with Drizzy Drake and gives us a taste of whats to come

Add-2 - All Of The Kings (produced by Prophecy)

Another rapper to keep your eye on, from Chicago

Add-2 - "Cotton Fields" (prod. D-Man)

Mickey Factz - The Arts (Avant Garde)

Sweeeeet spit over 90's Nasty Nas! Off "Mickey MauSe Mixtape"

Stalley - "Hammers and Vogues" (feat. Curren$y)

Curren$y blows the Maybach Music artist out of the water on his own track.. sorta as expected

XXYYXX- Breeze

This is where things start to slow down... nice and ambient, and a little mind-fucking.

Porter Robinson- Hello (ft. Sue Cho) (Schoolboy Remix)

Shouts to Ringo, the man with 1000 music tastebuds over at mumumunchies for this artist.. I hate to admit it but this type of music is slowly growing on me with all the new mix ideas I sift through. Unfamilar grounds for me..

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  1. Hahahaha I knew you'd come around one day. You can't escape the sizzling House beat in Europe so why bother any longer? I want a mix where you merge some house/dance beats with a few fun verses over the top eh? Bit of DGuetta happening haha