Sunday, 3 February 2013

K. Roosevelt- RoseGold (Free-P)

Kueezy brought this to my attention, I've been playing this heaps over the past couple weeks. Really big fan. Turns out I'd heard him already though on Game's album- It's cool when you discover an artist already exists in your library on other artist's tracks. K. Roosevelt is apart of Hit-Boy's (producer of Niggas In Paris) label HS87, who are dropping some formidable production. Hit-Boy's rapping may need a bit of work.. but Audio Push and K. Roosevelt have made a solid mark in the current underground/niche market.

This EP is effortless listening, good for any occasion- no complex tripped out beats or incomprehensible conscious lyrics- just solid RnB. A little Omarion-like. Mibbs from Pac-Div and Hit-Boy make appearances.


No One
Do Me Now (feat. Hit-Boy)
One Last Night

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