Tuesday, 24 April 2012

That New.

Couple releases today.... Wiz dropped the first single off O.N.I.F.C, dropping in August, not at all impressed with the lyrics... Meek Mill at the start?? What is he thinking.

Next up, AbSoul with a new video- "Pineal Gland", off Control System dropping May 11th.

Don't know alot about the next crew, heard them today, they're from Chicago and they've each done a bit of solo stuff, but this group cut is top shelf. Calez, Julian Malone, Fonz-E Mak, Legit, Johnny St. Cloud and UG make BRKF$T CLUB (2008ighties). Enjoy.

Next, Nate Dogg back from the dead with what he does best!! Warren G, Game and a hard dose of West Coast.

Warren G - Party We Will Throw Now (feat. Nate Dogg and Game)

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