Friday, 16 September 2011

Casey Veggies – Sleeping In Class: Deluxe Edition (Artwork x Tracklist)

September 20th is the date, the official re-release of Casey's 2010 mixtape/free-p/whatever you wanna call it. Some new tracks aswell. Keen for the Mac Miller song. If you haven't heard 'Ridin Roun Town' yet you are missing out! Definitely check this guy out.

1. Forever
2. Ridin’ Roun Town
3. Hear Me Screamin’
4. Get Through f. Dom Kennedy
5. 30,000 f. Ro Ransom
6. Loved Then Alone
7. Go Ahead f. Mann
8. Time Flies f. Skye Townsend
9. Searching
10. DTA
11. Euphoria ll
12. And Ever
13. Ridin’ Roun Town (remix) f. C-San, Dom Kennedy & Kendrick Lamar
14. The Weight Of The World Theory
15. Can I Live f. Mac Miller
16. I Be Over Shit
17. Perfect

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